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My Journey into Construction Marketing & Copywriting

Way back in 2000, I began online marketing for our family house painting business. Initially, I created a small 5-page website. That was at a time when most painting contractors in Northern California were not online yet, so even having a minimal contractor website was a huge advantage. Calls came in, and we landed big jobs.

I Had to Learn How to Market a Construction Business in any Economy

In 2008, when the economy crashed our phone stopped ringing. I mean it STOPPED ringing. The office was dead silent. I remember picking the receiver up to make sure we were still connected!

The advertising I had been using for years wasn’t pulling anymore. Plus it was costing more. Up until the crash we had been successful using:

  • newspaper flyers

  • door-to-door flyers

  • letters

  • postcards

My Solution When Offline Marketing Didn’t Pull Anymore

I dove into online marketing and learned every I could about website development and structure, SEO, competitor research, blog strategies, and Google AdWords (now called Google Ads). At first, I was studying out of necessity, but then, I really started to love it. I created a 30 page + website, along with running Google AdWords. These two things kept up in business.

Through trial and error, I found out what works and what’s a waste of money. One surprising discovery is that online marketing doesn’t have to be complicated as some people make you believe it is. Sure, it’s work. And, it takes time. There are no shortcuts. But I don’t agree with so many online marketers that it has to be mind-numbingly complex.

That’s why I Provide the Core Copywriting Services You Need Like:

  • A great website that’s easy to read and navigate

  • SEO friendly writing that both Google and visitors love

  • Interesting blog posts that answer people’s questions

  • Effective Google ads that don’t cost an arm and a leg

  • Consistent email marketing that keeps you in front of prospects and clients

  • Eye-catching social media posts that get attention

Expert Content Marketing & Copywriting for Real Estate, Construction, & Finance

For the last 19 years, I’ve provided copywriting for businesses of all sizes. From startups to enterprise companies like Pulte Homes. Contact me today to see how I can help your business.

I’m located sunny Florida, but I have clients all over the US and Canada. Give me a call today at
(727) 330-3011.

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